Marco Ferreri and Alessandro Mason

Linea Retta



“Straight Line. Feeling the wind. Moved by the wind, a tube touches another tube. This contact produces a sound. Counterweight.” This is the designers’ description of their work; an original way to draw our attention on those sounds that reveal nature’s presence.


Quiet ensemble




A quintet of goldfishes swimming in five separated vertical aquariums performs a live music concert. As they move up and down through water, a video camera captures their movements and a software translates them into digital sounds signals. Every fish is the author of a casual yet unique “music”.
Quintet is an installation based on the study of casual movements later translated into sounds with the aim of revealing what can be defined as “invisible concerts”. Apparently trivial events from our daily life that usually go unnoticed in this way achieve artistic value.


Tobia Repossi – ZonaUno

Voci al laser



“Voci al laser” strangely looks like the barrel of a gun. It is composed of a wooden handle, a tube with a gasket, a mirror and a small laser pointer. The pointer is directed toward the mirror glued to an elastic membrane, similar to a drum’s leather. As we talk inside the tube, our voice produces vibrations that make the mirror and therefore the laser vibrate. If you point the “gun” at the wall in front of you, you can talk, sing or shout and every sound will create drawings on the wall. You are free to playfully discover which forms derive from which sounds.


Luca Ruzza


2013 – OpenLab Company + Pixelorchestra
Interaction design Bruno Capezzuoli, Art consultancy Laura
Colombo, Setup Daniela Dispoto and Mario Cristofaro


Ektasonic is a sound installation featuring four Ektapro 9000 projectors equipped with microphones and a digital musical score. The software sensors capture the projectors carts’ movements transforming a machine devised for projecting images into a sound object. The type of musical score eventually created will depend on the chosen visual composition, as the carts’ movements will compose a score according to the slides inserted in the card slot. Ektasonic is a crossover installation that employs both analogue (diaprojector Ektapro) and digital technology (real time sound live processing). |


Angelo Semeraro


2012 – Fabrica centro di ricerca sulla comunicazione di Benetton Group


Toccata is an interactive on-screen installation produced by Fabrica, Benetton Group media and communication research centre and realized by Angelo Semeraro, resident of the Interaction and Online Experience area of Fabrica. It is based on the illusion of playing with the forces of a physical environment. When the visitor walks by, a textile reacts to movement, changing its form and colors, giving the perception of modifying the equilibrium of the environment. An arpeggio of sine tones and noises is generated to give supporting feedback to the user’s physical movement and to make the user experience more immersive. The application has been developed using a 2-dimensional physics simulator engine, Box2d.
The 3d effect is only an illusion created by connecting dots as well as overlaying transparency. |


Yuri Suzuki

Barcode Book



Barcode Book tells a story through illustrations made with barcodes. Sound is played using a barcode reader, connected to a speaker.
This project is technically based on 80’s old Texas Instruments toy “Magic Wand Reader”.


Mischer’ Traxler

Trapped flies



If you entrap a fly in a jar, it will fly against the glass wall and produce a very peculiar buzz. What happens if we multiply this sound? Austrian designers Mischer’Traxler have pushed this idea to its limits and created a surreal simulation that explores the boundaries between natural and artificial sounds,and between movement and stillness. |


Olivier Vadrot and Sébastien Roux


2009-2012 – Customer: Conseil Général du Territoire de Belfort [France]


These musical boxes will soon replace the bells marking the school day in Collège Châteaudun in Belfort, France.
Every class will have its own original musical tone, an “acoustic mini-poem” playing for from 5 to 30 seconds. Each tone is composed of sounds and voices reading words related to the different subjects. For example, the Art course’s bell is a list of colours used in painting, while for Science the tone includes the main units of measurement. The wooden speakers differ from one another but share a common element: they reproduce the minimalist design of radios from the 1930 and ‘50s.



50 prepared dc-motors, filler wire 1.0mm



Swiss artist Zimoun’s works explore the relationship between objects’ artificial rhythm and the chaotic noise of human existence. Using modest mechanical materials and low technology he creates minimalist environmental sculptures that influence our perception of space. Zimoun’s works are sound objects that signal a presence and draw our attention.
Studio Zimoun, Bern, Switzerland – Photo by Zimoun © |